Queens of Instagram: 3 Tricks I Learned from @EatingATX

*Queens of Instagram is a monthly promotion of badass women in my Instagram community whom I admire, and you should too*


Lindsay and Morgan Vandygriff are the Saturation Sisters. Every shot on their feed is flawless; a constant stream of bright colors, dripping ice cream, and perfectly manicured hands. The sisters are born and raised Austinites (locally known as ‘unicorns’) and are the curators behind the account that kicked off my infatuation with the world of photogenic food.

Here are three of my favorite tips I’ve learned over the past two years from these sisters:

1. Commit to the background and the lighting.

You can find Lindsay behind a dumpster outside of a restaurant opening, in the grassy lot next door to a food truck, or utilizing the neighbors’ perfectly painted wall for a backdrop. I have found her sitting outside in the middle of the winter because the lighting inside just wasn’t doing it for her. This dedication is why every single shot is so perfect.

*Did Lindsay remove her gloves in the NYC winter and run into the middle of the street to get the shot below? I will let you decide… (mainly because I haven’t asked her and don’t want to make false statements.)*

2. Don’t be afraid to get messy.

The bigger the mess, the better the shot. Lindsay and Morgan should carry around hand wipes if they don’t already. Ice cream on your iPhone? Perfect. Hollandaise on your hands? Ideal. For such a well polished (I’ll get to that) pair, the Vandygriff sisters fully embrace the messy side of food in order to get the most photogenic shot.

3. Never underestimate the importance of a fresh manicure

I’m serious here. Between Lindsay and Morgan, one of them always has a great manicure. Their feed features a constant stream of #FoodInTheAir, which means a prominently featured hand holding up an oversized cheeseburger or other delicacy. Need an example of this true dedication? Lindsay once went so far as to paint a single thumbnail so she could properly hold up one of the famous Peached Tortilla Milkshakes.

Hopdoddy Love at First Bite

To end my first Queens of Instagram feature, here is an old Hopdoddy feature catching Lindsay and I mid-shot (alongside my fangirl story of how we came to be friends)! Thank you @eatingatx for showing me the ropes, and cheers to many burgers ahead.