Mexico City Master Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, and Tour

After spending three months in Mexico City and visiting over 70 different restaurants, bars, and museums – I have compiled recommendation lists from everyone who would share. A huge shoutout to the people who shared their favorite restaurants, dive bars, taco spots, and museums with me to make my stay so much more enjoyable.

I compiled the list into an excel sheet, ranking them based on the number of times the spot had been recommended. This list has also been put into Map Form so you can add the map to your Google Maps app and wherever you find yourself in the city – you’ll be able to find the nearest recommended spot (and sometimes tips on what to order!)

Click here for the ‘Master List’

Click here for the Map!

Email me: if you’d like your recommendations to be added to the list

Insider Tips:

  • After dinner, get a carajillo, ask for it shaken! Only found in Mexico City, it is espresso and Licor 43 combined on ice. Amazing.
  • 15% is the norm for tipping at restaurants
  • Meals happen about 2 hours later than they typically do in the states
  • Nice restaurants will have filtered water, bottled water, and ‘agua mineral’ (sparkling water) as options – many locals order a shot of lime juice with their sparkling water to pour in!
Safe & Sound
  • Take Ubers whenever possible, they (in my experience) are much safer than taxis
  • Do not drink the tap water, you’re fine for brushing your teeth etc though
  • Check the weather before you come and pack accordingly, Mexico City is not Cancun (people here also do not wear a lot of shorts and sandals)
  • ‘Athleisure’ is not a thing here, only wear athletic clothes if you are about to do something athletic


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