Seven Best Austin Brunch Spots

Brunching is essentially a sport in Austin. This is the first sport I have ever been great at, mind you. Pick your priorities and make your reservations. Ready. Set. Go!

Classy Brunch

Not to imply you are ever anything other than classy. For #aesthetic that will knock your socks off, and incredible food to boot.

VOX Table Brunch

location: Lamar Union

hours: Sat & Sun 11-2

This is one of my favorite restaurants south of the water. The food is innovative, delicious, and will make you close your eyes alongside a “holy shit, that’s good”.


– The best Bloody Mary in the city comes with celery foam, a pipette of tabasco sauce, and a pony back of High Life

– The Crab Benedict, topped with prosciutto and bacon dust, nestled inside a yorkshire pudding (seriously, look at that, must order)

– Be served by some of the most accommodating and knowledgeable waitstaff in Austin

Pro Tips:

– They only have reservations up to 6 on OpenTable but if you call in you can get a larger table.

Odd Duck Sunday Brunch

location: South Lamar

hours:  Sun 10:30-2:30

I always wonder how on earth the chefs at Odd Duck constantly one-up themselves with each new menu that comes out. How do they come up with these flavor combinations? Do they do a FoodNetwork style challenge, choose the most bizarre ingredients, and make them come together in ways that give your taste buds their  own taste buds?!


– I genuinely cannot tell you what dish to order because this place is too innovative to keep a consistent menu. Oh well, just order them all!

– The homemade simple syrup accompanying their cold brew coffee puts whatever you drink on the weekdays to shame.

Pro Tips:

– Odd Duck exclusively uses Resy for reservations, which allows you to include any allergies or dietary restrictions

Jacoby’s Weekend Brunch

location: East Cesar Chavez

hours:  Sat & Sun 10-3

The Jacoby’s patio is perfect for a gorgeous day in Austin. I love bringing visitors to Jacoby’s – they truly encompass so much of what makes our city awesome.


– The Mimosa Trio if you’re with a group – a full bottle of champagne along with an assortment of Juiceland juices

– The deviled eggs, the mac & cheese… honestly you can’t go wrong with this menu

Pro Tips:

– Smell every single candle in their adorable Mercantile shop. Every. Single. One.

– Ask your waiter to assist in your ordering, they won’t steer you wrong.

 Hillside Farmacy

location: East 11th

hours: Sat & Sun 9-2

Some days you just wanna feel like a hip Austinite; sit on an East-side patio, admire the penny tiles, and pour a mimosa from your Erlenmeyer Flask carafe into your mason jar glass.


– The Fried Egg Sandwich: get it. Add the bacon.

– The Mac and Cheese: get it. Add the Pancetta, add the broccoli, add the poached egg.

Pro Tips:

THIS. IS. IMPORTANT. Do not stroll up to Hillside on a peak brunch hour and expect to be seated. It isn’t gonna happen. Accept this, strategize around it, follow my steps, and you will still enjoy your mac & cheese and leave happy.

  1. Show up early
  2. Put your name in.
  3. Take a nice stroll up and down 11th.
  4. Go grab a coffee, or a mimosa (hell, make it a carafe) at Quickie Pickie across the street
  5. Would you look at the time? Your table is ready!

Drunk Brunch

Not to encourage debauchery at this establishment, but this is my favorite brunch drink deal in the city.

Wu Chow: Sunday Dim Sum

location: Downtown

hours:  Sun 11-3

This is genuinely my favorite place to spend a Sunday afternoon in Austin. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and will fully explain to you how to properly eat a soup dumpling so you don’t embarrass yourself or burn your mouth off. To clarify, this is not a ‘drunk brunch’ type of place – if it weren’t for their amazing drink deal they would be top of my “Classy Brunch’ options.


– Best soup dumplings in Austin

– $1 Chrysanthemum tea mimosas

Pro Tips:

– Make your reservation ahead of time

– Have your waiter order for the group

In need of a seventh! I wanted to leave one spot for a new place I have yet to try. As always, send your favorites my way.